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I am poor and have no wisdom. I have no ability to make money. I can��t say more, I can��t decide a lot of words and instinct. After all, poor is poor. Some people talk with their parents�� blood and sweat. I can��t help others. Going to attack, my money, my life, a dollar and ten directions waiting for a person to have no more career to persist, I often forget even the only instinct, even one whose name is lost. Second, you can only look at your own clothes, can't remember your own story, wipe away the tears on your face, can't stack the experience of failure, I don't read but give up more words, I don't analyze, I delay more The life is going to be wasted. I am alive and sometimes tired of others' tongues. Sometimes I misunderstand other people's eyes to find out when I am in trouble. I only know how to make money. When I cry, I know people are good, but how can I recognize them in the countryside? More advanced education, taste of life, because the reason for not accepting, can not ask for the defense line, I lost, lost when I still have no ability, when I saw it, I still have no ability, wrong with me, because I can not concentrate My own heart, carry out my own thinking, if it is in the city, it is not thorough enough to read, and it is not serious enough. For me, the failure is to get the money, the foundation of life, I can��t do it, I can��t do it. To make money, you can't make a smile after returning to your door. You can go home with tears in your heart. You can't use the concentrated thinking space to master tomorrow. You can't use the space of analysis to understand yourself. One step, ten steps. With that, the "wrong" can't be found [url=http://www.buyusacigarettes.com/]Newport Cigarettes[/url], followed by the loss of fate. I don't know that I don't have the capital to gamble. I don't have the ability to fight for the age [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]mokingusacigarettes.com[/url], I can't find my own environment, I can't find the material to cultivate my mind. Step by step, lose step by step, forget to lose, let others laugh, cold is said by others, I can not see other people, some people who can not recognize themselves are still looking at the scoreboard, and I, I The disappointing heartbeat, working for others, laughing at others, giving others an incomprehensible silence, I am worthless, I can��t communicate my future, I can��t refuse the current maliciousness [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Online Cigarettes[/url], because I can��t say it. Losing the foundation of communication, because of the silence [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Newport 100S[/url], forgetting the soul of the sustenance to buy clothes with only one hundred, then go to work, pay a month of life, pay daily hope, lose reading time, forget to survive Instinct, speak hard, can't say better sentences, listen to the mouth, can't hear the dialect of baptism, a lot of passbooks, not as good as others' income, I have a lot of put Many can't understand, give up too many words, leave a lot of places, just because of this, let me learn to give up, learn to understand, and then go out of a loss of fate, spent a salary, lost my coat myself Cry, I will not help you to say a word more than I have money. I am poor. I will not teach me every day than I have the ability. I am helpless. I will not give me wisdom when I am talented. I have a heart. The heart given by a parent makes me give up my heartbeat every day. I can't accumulate the value of survival. I have a pair of hands and can work, but I can't fight for the future that everyone recognizes. My tongue makes me fall into contact. Listening makes me misunderstand. Oneself, a lot of gatherings, a lot of departures, lost step by step, step by step to forget the baptism every day, wash away the value given by the parents, wash away the noble time that you can not give away with the soul. I will not communicate, ask wrong, delay myself, but also affect others, I will not listen, do not dare to accept too many blows, learn to avoid, learn not to refuse correctly, a lot of money can not buy the bitter, many substances Uncomfortable change, when the heartbeat continues to bear, when the age gives pressure, the life of the parents gives an unbelievable continuation, I am me, can't do it differently, I am not me, copy of learning, will not Copying valuable talents, not removing dirty positive acceptance, gaining and losing moments, losing money, short line of fate, moments of advancement and retreat, forgetting that your life is the value given by parents, forgetting that your own change is for the soul Presenting that I have no chance to dredge my own mind, I have no ability to lose everything for my thoughts, what I call survival, what others call poverty, a word "wait", maybe only when I die, can I let others see What I call poverty, maybe only when I leave someone else��s sight to cry, is what others call ��poor��. I can��t be too much, can��t correct, can��t change, and can��t walk more. High-grade, because there is no money, I can't find a relationship, I can't understand the depth of my friends. When I started, someone gave up, I was suffering on the road, or my heartbeat died, I was classed for others, and I always said "Blood." Why, "I, give up too much persistence, give up too much to consolidate thinking, give up accumulated instinct, let my growth not worth mentioning, let my mind disdain, I am the failed survival, the life of failure, Invisible flowers bloom, every minute of the year that I can��t think of, the so-called self, or the self in others�� minds, can��t be corrected, I��m not sure, I can��t make up my mind, I can��t make up my mind, I can��t play my confidence, I can��t afford my heart. I don��t have the courage to be cheerful, smile with a smile, cry with my heart, can��t tell, I can��t guess, I can��t ask ��How far is the poor��, I can��t walk out, ��The poor have a very close to open themselves, go not Reading others, lonely and difficult to grow, are all building a lifeline of poverty. The word "poor" does not speak, and the word "rich" does not give gifts. It is because irrigation thinking is very difficult, because it lacks education. More ruined reading will be very tiring. If you don't have the sunshine, it will be difficult to grow your heart. It is because you can't, you can't choose to accept it. You can't choose to listen to the painting yourself. The gains and losses make you irrigate the wrong and continue to pay. Opportunity makes the word "loss" written on the head. The thoughts that can't be changed after growing up are still unhealthy. The "poor" word behind it is burdened, and the ignorance of the body will be difficult to pass through." It is a word. It takes a lifetime to leave it. Coupled with the gift of the parents, "rich" is a painting, others draw with their hearts, write with their own lives, create with the soul of the day, lose is also a landscape, win is also a line, I can not find, can not ask I can only pick up the bloody heart, wait for the cold tears, write my own "poor", but I can't experience the rich experience, experience the failed tour, can't explore the true meaning of life, look in the mirror [url=http://www.salesmoking.com/]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], can't see the hard-to-reach communication of the soul, Being a listener can't cultivate the foundation of the soul. It doesn't talk, the silence is not the place, waiting to lose yourself.
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